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CEO name: Sukji Roh

Phone Number: +82 2 2138 5889

Email: sales@enhanceb.com

Webpage: https://www.enhance-beauty.com/


Company Information

Enhance B Co.,Ltd.


Product Information

Dr.Rosa PDRN Lifting IV
– Vegan PDRN 20,000 PPM and mucin collagen complex provide a strong moisturizing effect that lasts 72 hours with a firm lifting ampoule from deep inside the skin.
– Main clinical results: Improvement of chin lifting by 40.3%, improvement of skin density by 58.8%, improvement of inner skin moisture by 91.5%, improvement of skin surface moisture by 107.5%, continuous moisturization for 72 hours.


Dr.Rosa GlutanaC Brightening IV
– Dr. ROSA glutanaC IV ampoule is a product that contains glutathione, famous for Beyonce’s injection, and vitamin C complex, which has a strong antioxidant effect and helps improve freckles and blemishes, creating glowing skin.
– Main clinical results : 22.8% improvement in freckles/blemishes area, 12.2% improvement in freckles/blemishes, 5.1% improvement in yellow skin, 9.7% improvement in red skin, etc.


It.RAPI Second Skin Illuminator SPF 50+ PA++++
-Second Skin Illuminator is a tone-up sun cream that creates porcelain skin with a basic whitening + UV rosewood functional product.
– This product has the effect of improving skin soothing caused by UV damage, has been certified by France’s Eve Vegan, and has completed an eye irritation test with no eye irritation, making it a product that can be used with confidence.

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