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CEO name: Kang Chaeah

Phone Number: +821022084447

Email: che_limit@naver.com

Webpage: https://www.elbnb-korea.com

Company Information

‘EL Beauty&Bio‘ is a contemporary beauty & inner beauty lab which experts from various industries gather to study beauty & inner beauty products.

Manufacturing experts who can create such products, along with information from industry insiders that can tell you what models, influencers, and celebrities actually use.

Product Information

With a special aroma scent combination, The more you rub, the more your appetite drops.
Unlike ordinary products, we use scents mixed by professional perfumers. Completed monitoring of celebrities, models, athletes and fitness center members. If you use it during a diet, It gives twice the synergy effect!


If you leave the swelling, you will gain weight.
Most important thing is control the swelling
Arginine + Fermented grains 15 enzymes

Refreshing daily care product with tropical fruit flavor.
Definite effect with fermented cereal enzymes.
Removal of edema and fast calorie consumption effect.


It’s a tone-up sunscreen that naturally brightens your skin tone and makes your face brighter.
Rather than running the factory directly, we contract directly with the best producers with professional know-how.

Therefore, OEM/ODM is conducted only in areas where the best cost-effectiveness and high-quality products can be produced within the desired time.

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