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CEO name: Choi Sun Eun

Phone Number: +82-33-910-3080

Email: dr.oregonin@gmail.com

Webpage: https://www.dr-oregonin.com/


Company Information

Dr.Oregonin is a green R&D company contributing to the improvement of human health and quality of life. The CEO, who is a national university pharmacy doctor and a specialist in natural substances, has insisted on developing only safe and trustworthy products using ingredients extracted from natural substances through his own research and development.


Product Information


Ore-naltin is a dietary supplement that has MFDS certified 6 multi-fuctionalities. It contains garcinia cambogia Extract, which help reduce body fat by inhibiting the synthesis of carbohydrates, East Asian alder extract that has anti-inflammatory, milk thistle for liver health and vitamins. Especially, oregonin from East Asian alder extract completed preclinical CRO on muscle loss, muscular atrophy and anti-obesity. Suggested use: Take 1 tablet at a time, three times a day with water.


Ori Balm Multi Stick

Ori balm multistick is a functional cosmetic that has 2 multi-functionalities with anti-wrinkle and whitening. It has 8 natural ingredients and possesses patent with oregonin from East Asian alder extract. It also has Strong wrinkle and elasticity improvement effect and trouble care and skin soothing effect. It can be used on dry skin and is easy to carry in a pocket or bag.


Taxifolin Plus Shampoo

Taxifolin plus shampoo is a hair loss relief functional shampoo containing the patented natural ingredient taxifolin. Taxifolin is a patented natural ingredient for hair loss relief that has a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects from azalea. A major ingredients such as azalea and elm extract, with a research paper on the efficacy of hair loss relief are in the Taxifolin plus shampoo. Human study was completed with Improving hair loss prevention and scalp redness, soothing the scalp and scalp sebum cleansing power.


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