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CEO name: Park Sanggeun

Phone Number: +82 055-1661-9993

Email: help@daeryeok.com

Webpage: www.df-dept.com


Company Information

The priority of Daeryeok is the highest quality and food safety. The Food Department of Daeryeok Inc., where tradition and the future coexist in close cooperation with both consumers and businesses, has a motto to provide essential foods with best quality and the best products for consumers and businesses.


Product Information

Samkwang999 Wasabi

Samkwang999 Wasabi is a refrigerated and distributed product made primarily from 99% horseradish and 1% wasabi. It is manufactured without heating to preserve its natural flavors. A distinctive feature of this product is its coarse particles, which provide a chewy texture similar to that of freshly grated wasabi, unlike the smooth paste typical of other wasabi products.


Samgkwang Oroshi Wasabi

Samgkwang Oroshi Wasabi is made primarily from wasabi, containing 61.5% wasabi, which makes it the most premium wasabi product displayed at room temperature in Korea. A distinctive feature of this product is the chewable texture of the wasabi stem, and it is a paste product.

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