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CEO name: Jeon Tae-ik

Phone Number: 82-53-811-5158

Email: coalalri@daum.net

Webpage: http://alalri.co.kr


Company Information

Daeheung Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation, has GAP certification, ISO22000 FDA certification, and a number of patents, and is working on continuous product development.
It is developing and producing jujube chips, jujube & red ginseng, collagen jujube, 100% natural jujube tea, and freeze-dried fruit chips contained as whole vegetables for Gyeongsan jujube.


Product Information

Jujube & Ginseng Extract Stick

Purpose: Snacks and refreshments
Features: The unique taste of red ginseng and jujube taste are combined, making it easy for children to eat
Differentiation: It is a product that appropriately mixes red ginseng concentrate in extract concentrated using 100% Gyeongsan jujube in Gyeongbuk, does not add sweeteners such as sugar, and controls sweetening with jujube concentrate.


Collagen Jujuber

Purpose: For healthy snacks
Features: The combination of fish collagen and jujube flavor makes it easy for men and women to consume
Differentiation: It is a product that is easy to carry by adding 2,000mg of 100% Gyeongbuk Gyeongsan Jujube and fish collagen, and can be easily consumed anytime, anywhere.




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