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Phone Number: 010-4414-2955

Email: ekgid6444@daum.net

Webpage: https://dahyangyeon.com/


Company Information

Dahyangyeon utilizes Beopje, a traditional Korean tea-making method (a method of making tea that removes toxins from plants and enhances medicinal properties) to create a cup of tea that is as smooth as a glass of water and beneficial to everyone. It is a traditional Korean brand created by world-master Wang Gunja.


Product Information

Season’s original, blending TEA story of fermentat

Unlike conventional blending, which adds flavor and aroma, Korean blending tea focuses on the harmony of various plant ingredients. It has the advantage of richer ingredients, softer taste and aroma through various ingredients and fermentation processes. It is a tea made by Dahyangyeon that is perfect for modern people who value portability and efficiency by newly packaging it with various patterns, colors, and interesting names


An eco-friendly small-package tea package containi

Unlike the existing large-capacity packaging of Korean tea and packaging targeting the 40s and 60s, the package line targeting the 20s and 30s with an eco-friendly small packaging package containing various patterns, colors, and fermentation stories


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