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CEO name: Juhee Han

Phone number: (82)10-3709-7241

Email: cuppersoap@gmail.com / helena@cuppersoap.com / zeno@cuppersoap.com

English: www.cuppersoap.kr
Korean: www.cuppersoap.com

Company Information

[Gentle on Hands Nose and Environment]
Cupper Soap is a lifestyle brand that specializes in creating skincare and personal care products that prioritize the well-being of the skin, breath, and the environment.

[Brand Story]
CUPPER SOAP is a lifestyle brand that makes great products for the skin, breathing, and the environment. A CUPPER is a person who evaluates the quality of coffee beans with strict standard. CUPPER of CUPPER SOAP represents that we promise to maintain a strict objectivity in the process of producing products. A SOAP is the oldest and cleverest invention among beauty products in the history of humankind. Just as it has changed human hygiene, CUPPER SOAP has a desire to make gentle changes in our daily life.

[Brand Philosophy]
CUPPER SOAP is a gentle pleasure. Whether it’s washing dishes by hand, indulging in a fragrant bubble bath that covers the entire body, or singing along to favorite tunes while driving, CUPPER SOAP believes that everyone should find happiness in these small moments.
In addition to promoting overall health, CUPPER SOAP goes beyond that. We’ve all been sick at one point or another, and it’s made us look at chemical composition of products differently. During the development and launch of each item CUPPER SOAP prioritizes tactile and olfactory experiences. We make products that are good for your skin and breath.
Environmental consciousness is another fundamental principle of CUPPER SOAP. We strive to minimize impact on the environment while ensuring customer satisfaction, and always remember that we belong to the earth. This commitment is evident throughout entire process, starting from the careful selection of raw materials to the creation of eco-friendly packaging. The mindful approach extends to the moment our products reach out to customers.

Product Information

CUPPER SOAP P.S. Mind Care Rosa Rugosa Fruit Multi Cream

Complete your skincare routine with all-in-one cream that offers moisture, regeneration, nutrition, elasticity, and whitening. Apply it on you bare skin or after using toner.

Rosa rugosa grows naturally in the beach sand, and is strong enough to withstand wind, cold, and drought.
In the case of vitamin C, it exhibited a higher concentration in the fruits compared to stems and roots. Beta-carotene, a representative antioxidant, was more abundant in the fruits than in leaves. Rosa rugosa fruit extracts have been proven to be excellent ingredients of wrinkle improvement, whitening, and antioxidant efficacy.

Derma Clinical Trials
Skin changes that appear after 2 weeks of use in clinical trials (Corederm Dermatological Research Institute, October 10 to 24, 2023, 22 women aged 36 to 49), moisturization(+20.33%), wrinkles around the eyes(-12.87%), lifting(+2.71%), and elasticity(+2.17%) were improved.

The Scent of Mind Management
Take a deep breath and have a moment to calm your mind. The initial impression reveals a warm, forest-like aroma, transitioning into a delicate floral scent. As time passes, notes of musk and amber delicately linger, leaving behind a sophisticated moment. Experience the mysterious scents for yourself.


Scent, color, foam whatever you want
Good-bye to concerns about bath products such as excessive pigment, large size, powder flying, dryness, portability, etc. Enjoy a variety of baths depending on the size of the bathtub or the amount of water!

The scent that spreads in the bathroom, the color of the bath water and the degree of foam that you want! Cupper Soap bath · bubble tablets can freely adjust the scent, color, and foam depending on the type of bath you want. It is recommended to use 1 tablet for foot bath, 2~3 tablets for lower-body bath, and 4~ more tablets for full body bath. You can use 10 tablets at once in a large bathtub at a hotel or resort.

Thanks to its slim and light package, it’s easy to be with you on a travel or on a business trip. Now you don’t have to cut or put bath bombs in plastic bags. Pack it easily and put it in your bag.

To protect the humidity-sensitive bathing agent, we packed it in a biodegradable bag. Cupper Soap biodegradable bags have been certified as eco-friendly EL724, and when discharged as general waste, they return to nature with the help of microorganisms. A hard paper package can be re-used in a unique way, such as a pencil case or pencil holder, after using a bath tablets.

When you add a message to the bottom of an email or letter, write p.s. (postscript). It also contains the desire to present peace of mind and body through bathing. The scents of P.S. Bath Tablets are ‘Green Ritual’. The smell of warm soil, the scent of wood, and the smell of moist grass will touch your tired body and mind. Have a peaceful time of meditation. When you drop it in warm water, it bubbles up the warmth and fresh carbonation resembling the forest.

If you add RE- to English words such as recovery, recycling, and review, it means again. We would like to convey the courage to start over. It contains the excitement of meeting someone and starting a relationship again or preparing for a new career. The scents of R.E Bath Tablets are ‘Azure Remind’. It contains emotions that can only be felt by the cool breeze on the beach. Breathe deeply and enjoy the blue freshness. If you drop it in warm water, it will bring back memories of the beach with fresh carbonation.

There are times when you have to turn on the circuit of your mind and body at the beginning of the day. We desperately need fresh energy then. The scents of O.N. Bubble Tablets are ‘Orange Energy’ which is refreshing and elegant. The top notes and subtle reverberations of lemon and casis are very attractive. It’s perfect to use when you want to encourage or praise yourself. Let the bubble tablets come into direct contact with tap water when receiving water in the bathtub. The fluffy foam and refreshing scent created by friction with water will give you energy.

Unfortunately, what if you don’t have a bathtub at home? You can enjoy the bath tablets as a shower steamer. Place a tablet on the bottom of the shower booth and turn on the shower water. If you tap the tip of your nose, you can experience an aromatherapy effect. It will help you relax and refresh your mind.

Is your skin especially dry? Both bath tablets and bubble tablets contain plenty of moist, high-moisturizing vegetable oil such as avocado oil, olive oil, and jojoba seed oil. You can experience smooth skin after bath.

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