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Phone Number: 5058188008

Email: csc@fortunashop.kr

Webpage: http://en.e-fortuna.co.kr/


Company Information

CS Company develops cosmetics using plant raw materials that grow naturally in each region of Korea. We are making products that minimize irritation for everyone to use and focus on “returning” to the skin of the beginning, not “changing” the skin using natural ingredients. We manufacture and sell natural ingredients-oriented skincare cosmetics, mask packs, Cleansing products and shampoo.


Product Information

– A mask pack for customized solutions that you choose according to your skin concerns such as moisturizing and calming your skin. Use of mask pack sheets that do not irritate the skin (European Textile Product Quality Certification, OEKO-TEX Grade 1 sheet).

– FORTUNA Daily Propolis Mask Pack Contains 50,000 ppm of Propolis Extract

– FORTUNA Daily Marine Collagen Mask Pack Contains 28,100 ppm of Marine Collagen Extract

– FORTUNA Daily Red Ginseng Mask Pack Contains 50,000 ppm of red ginseng extract

– FORTUNA Daily Centella Asiatica (bottle glue) Mask Pack contains 50,000 ppm ofbottle glue

Scrub & Cleansing all-in-one cleansing product that uses the natural vegetable scrub agent ‘Pear Stone Cell’ to remove dead skin cells and blackheads and cleanse them at once.


FORTUNA 4 types of basic cosmetics (toner, lotion, essence, and cream) series. It contains 54,000 ppm of Rubus Hongnoensis Nakai leaf/stem extract, a rare plant that only grows on Jeju Island in Korea, so it is absorbed quickly without stickiness and maintains moisturization throughout the day.

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