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Company Information

Having recognized the necessity for comprehensive beauty care for celebrities through years of broadcasting activities, CEO Mina Lee launched Spa The EL in 2012, offering not just skincare but holistic healing for both body and mind. In 2018, she established Cosmetic The EL to share the various beauty know-how gained through Spa The EL with the general public.

Product Information

– Maryabel Hyal Blessing Stick

100% freeze-dried hyaluronic acid
Safe with no irritation. Equivalent to the moisture content of 500 face masks in one stick!
Total sales exceeded 1.4 million units. The product celebrities use the day before filming
Equivalent to the moisture content of 500 face masks in one stick

– Maryabel Very Barrier Cream

A strong skin barrier recipe suggested by Maryabel Very Barrier Cream
Lactobacillus fermented skin barrier cream to recover skin health
EWG grade 1 safe ingredients + skin reaction & irritation test complete -> A skin cream for the whole family

– Maryabel Gardening Mist

24h hydration
Dual function, whitening and wrinkle improvement
Improve skin barrier elasticity with fermented skin-beneficial bacterium Lactobacillus
Skin irritation test complete!

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