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Company Information

cocodor is expanding its business scope not only in South Korea but globally by establishing branches and online distribution centers in 20 countries around the world.
For localization, we have established and are operating local corporations in five countries, including the United States, Taiwan, Japan, and Italy, and we are expanding into 36 countries based on our global e-commerce platform to secure brand recognition in overseas markets.

Based on its excellent quality and price competitiveness, cocodor intends to continuously grow in order to go beyond Korea’s No. 1 diffuser brand and become the ‘Global No. 1 Fragrance Company.’


Product Information

Contents : Diffuser 120ml + Reed Stick 5pcs
Volume : 120ml
Size : 7.3 X 20.5(cm)
Manufacturer : Made in Korea / COCODOR Co., Ltd

Extracts of 5 natural ingredients
– Including Chamomile, Green tea, Persimmon leaf, Rosemary, and Centella asiatica, are added so that the delicate scent of nature lasts for a long time.

EPA Green circle grade
– COCODOR uses only safe ingredients with green circle grade from EPA

Safe and natural in compliance with IFRA standards
– Reliable products with high quality, honest raw materials, and proven technology.

How to Use

STEP 1. Open the outer cap of the bottle by turning it counterclockwise.
STEP 2. Remove the inner cap to expose oil
STEP 3. Close outer cap back on the bottle
STEP 4. Insert the reeds into the bottle
STEP 5. Allow reeds to absorb the oil for 1 to 2 days
STEP 6. Remove the reeds and place the opposite ends in the oil
Rotate as needed to best diffuser the scent into the place

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