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CEO name: Chun-wook Ha

Phone Number: +82-10-3308-6869

Email: eddie@cntus.com

Webpage: https://cntus.com/?language=eng


Company Information

CNTUS Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is a global company with a group of specialists on high efficiency filter technology. The company manufactures various filter products, face masks, industrial respirators, water filters, HEPA air filters and filter shower heads.

CNTUS applies global standards to all manufacturing processes from product development, raw material production to quality control, pursue to provide the market the highest quality filter products that meet global customer needs and satisfactions. Based on B2B business with global partners such as LG Electronics and Coway, CNTUS is expanding its business field with its own brand products, “AER” and “FILTERIDGE” over to B2C air & water solution market.

CNTUS was listed on the KOSDAQ in 2021 and selected as a research and development company for an advanced filter material project from the Government. Based on global filter technology, CNTUS is doing its best to be a global life care solution company that makes customers’ daily lives happier and more pleasant.


Product Information

“Aer” Quattro Filter Showerhead offers four different replaceable filters (sediment filter, carbon filter, vitamin complex filter, and UF filter) that users can choose from according to their preferences and needs. This showerhead not only filters out various harmful substances coming from old water pipes but also removes odors and residual chlorine from the water, thereby protecting your skin and hair during showers and allowing you to enjoy a healthier and more refreshing shower experience.

Developed through the research of filtration experts at CNTUS, Aer Filter Showerhead has passed antibacterial tests for harmful substances conducted by domestic and international certification institutes, proving its safety and excellence. Featuring a lightweight build, a simple design that complements bathroom interiors, and an excellent water-saving rating, this product boasts superior quality compared to existing products of competitors


“Aer” Compact Filter Showerhead for Travel is developed with CNTUS’s exceptional filtration technology. It features a 99.9% antibacterial-treated sediment filter that effectively removes invisible ultra-fine rust particles, debris, and floating substances, while also containing phosphates to prevent inhibit limescale. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, and it comes with a waterproof pouch for convenient storage, ensuring a safe shower without skin trouble concerns when traveling to countries or regions with poor water quality.

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