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Company Information

“Teddy Bear(TB SKIN) Character ” to create products that are safe for the whole family to use with differentiated and unique concepts.
“Rather than just thinking about teddy bears as a teddy bear, I have to be creative through various materials and storytellers.
It has evolved into a teddy bear cosmetics. Meet Teddy Bear’s products, featuring propolises that go with Teddy Bear’s(TB SKIN) bears.


Product Information

TB SKIN All In One Wash

Rich bubbles at the touch of water! All In One Wash that helps you get a good bath.
The power and health given by Propolis nourish the dry and damaged Skin & Hair to keep it healthy.
Natural Propolis are rich in vitamins and minerals and nourish the scalp and the damaged Skin & hair by forming a moisturizing film around the Skin & hair.
It maintains a pH balance slightly acidic to make Skin and hair healthier and minimizes irritation to eyes and face,
making it suitable and safe for the whole family including the children.


TB SKIN Lotion

It is a creamy lotion that applies well.
It helps to moisturize rough and dry skin and prevents moisture from evaporating in the skin.
It increases moisture in fragile and sensitive skin to the external environment, making it energized and healthy.


TB SKIN Rich Cream

It contains high moisturizing ingredients such as propolis, bottleweed extract, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil, which helps dry skin
It helps to create healthy skin with a thin and transparent moisturizing film.



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