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Company Information

Based on the product philosophy of “good ingredients are the answer,” we are researching and developing natural organic cosmetics.

BURICL cosmetics are mainly composed of patented plant extracts and other natural ingredients, not ECOCERT-certified raw materials and chemicals.


Product Information

Buricl Hydro Luminous Perfect Toner

It contains organic camomile water that is certified by ECOCERT, and Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate that excels in soothing. Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate comes from fermentation process, and the product has abundant nutrients. It is excellent in skin beauty care with low-stimuli. It quickly and effectively absorbs into skin. It is outstanding at skin soothing, increasing skin resilience, skin aging prevention, and deletion of skin active oxygen.


Buricl Hydro Luminous Perfect Emulsion

The natural hydration factor holds moisture inside the skin and prevents germ penetration from outside. It makes skin to grow its own power. It contains moisture factor 6000 times of a normal moisture factor. It maintains skin moist by keeping moisture that skin cells hold inside. Also, it prevents trouble from external stimuli and helps skin’s healing system and immunity. It strengthens skin hydration and immunity, and protects skin. It uses Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, which is excellent in aging prevention, to make skin transparent and clear.


Buricl Hydro Luminous Moisture cream

It uses extracts that resist to active oxygen, the cause of skin aging. It helps postponing skin aging. It is a whitening functionality product that restrains melanin’s pigment production and maintains skin white. Ferment Filtrate quickly absorbs into pore and cleanses the sebum. It is excellent in skin soothing and protection. Plant extracts and Ferment Filtrate create hydration wall. It is a natural moisture cream that sensitive skin can use in relief.

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