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CEO name: Lim Su Mi

Phone Number: 1075745269

Email: dvd1970@naver.com

Webpage: www.bnco-oem.com


Company Information

BNCO INTERNATIONAL is a company based on the production and development of basic skincare products and is releasing skincare cosmetics for various products. In addition, we are striving to protect the environment by implementing eco-friendly policies for packaging and products.


Product Information

BNCO Perfect Whitening Lotion

Sericulture, Sedality, Self-health, and celluloid lipid helps smooth skin texture and smooth skin texture with improved wrinkles. In particular, bright whitening effects help brightenskin tone, protecting skin from harmful ingredients, and protecting skin from light, moist skin.


BNCO Gold Snail Revital Cream

Formulated with Musin, a Snail Secretion Filtrate, Peptide, developed specifically to supply Moisturizes, Emollient and Physiological Active Agents to epidermis and remove rough surface, the Gold Snail Cream limits the uneven surface texture and improves the harsh, dry, or loose skin with wrinkles or dark shades with light feel. This combines with Gold, Bio-Ingredients and Botanical Extracts in fortifying healthy, vivid and balanced skin.


BNCO Intensive Aqua gel Cream

With the natural botanical oils of Sesame, Jojoba, and Wheat Germ, the Moist Cream massages to promote the peripheral circulation and to accelerate cutaneous cellular exchanges and the regeneration of the upper layer of the epidermis. Also it fortifies the moisture contents on the skin layers for balanced skin physiology and skin texture and finally ensures the bright and lustrous skin with relaxation, smoothness and transparency.

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