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Phone Number: +82 10-7742-9996

Email: yuji@biocosinc.com

Webpage: https://www.sixshop.com/lalucell/home


Company Information

LALUCELL is a R&D cosmetic company holding 6 proprietary cosmetic technologies. Popular for its high functional yet safe and non-ingredients — was voted number 1 desired gift among pregnant women. Ranging 15 products to custom fit all your skin conditions and needs. Nationally and globally recognized award-winning brand (currently winner of 8 brand awards for sensitive hypoallergenic cosmetics category). 0.00 Skin irritation just like cotton – Cotton like Derma LALUCELL.

Product Information

LALUCELL Vitamin 12 Brightening Serum – 100,000ppm 12 vitamin complex, perfect skin care for: blemishes and spots, dark and dull skin, uneven skin tone, and for all skin types. Gentle whitening and wrinkle improvements without irritation. Improve your skin vitality and shine a bright light on your dull skin.

LALUCELL Collagen Firming Serum – Small molecular size 50,000ppm hydrolyzed collagen, perfect skin care for: enlarged pores, skin texture and barrier improvement, loss of skin elasticity, and for all skin types. Restore your dry skin into more supple and elastic skin.

LALUCELL Cica Rebuilding Serum – 185,000ppm 6-type centella asiatica cica solution, perfect skin care for: severe skin troubles, skin redness, dark complexion due to blemishes, and for all skin types. Healthier spot care treatment for troubled areas. Give a green light to a more relaxed skin.


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