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CEO name: 서나리

Webpage: http://www.bhada.co.kr


Company Information

 In terms of BHADA Corporation’s business scope, our primary focus lies in the cosmetics and beauty product industry. We specialize in offering innovative OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services, crafting a diverse range of cosmetic products for our clients.


Product Information

Make-up Puff and Sponge

A cushion puff, also known as a cushion sponge or puff, is a soft, porous applicator typically used with cushion compacts or cushion foundations. It is designed to fit into the compact and absorb the liquid product, such as foundation or BB cream, held within the cushion. The cushion puff usually has a flat surface for applying product to larger areas of the face and a pointed or tapered edge for more precise application around the eyes and nose.


Cushion Pact

A cushion compact is a makeup product that typically contains a sponge soaked in liquid foundation or BB cream. It comes in a compact form with a mirror and a cushion applicator. When you press the cushion with the applicator or a sponge, a controlled amount of product is released onto the sponge for easy and even application on the skin. This innovative design allows for convenient touch-ups on the go and provides a natural, dewy finish to the complexion.

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