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CEO name: Lee Jae eun 

Phone Number: +82 10-9410-3219

Email: bc_collagen@reparo.co.kr

Webpage: https://roacytomedy.com/


Company Information

RoA offers the power of collagen through a basic skincare routine, paving a direct path to radiant and energized skin. With over 20 years of research on safe natural ingredients that are harmless to the human body, Beauty Collagen, through its brand RoA, introduces a high-value functional collagen cosmetic line. RoA, as a botanical collagen aesthetic brand, utilizes collagen as a catalyst for skin transformation, achieving continuous regeneration and recovery based on the most fundamental skincare. Positioned as the skincare routine for those dreaming of anti-aging, RoA helps everyone easily enjoy professional skincare at home.
Product Information
RoA CellPure 2500 Collagen Ampoule
Containing 250,000ppm of collagen, this ampoule helps improve pores and wrinkles, enhances elasticity, brightens, and moisturizes, providing overall skin care. It contains a large amount of high-quality, ultra-pure fermented collagen, forming a film on the skin without clogging pores and providing a sparkling radiance effect. Additionally, it boosts anti-aging effects by incorporating niacinamide, a whitening functional ingredient, and adenosine, a wrinkle-improving functional ingredient.
RoA Pure Sparkling Water Gel
Containing our patented collagen, this gel provides exceptional moisturizing effects, penetrating deep into the skin to enhance moisture retention and skin defense capabilities within the stratum corneum. Infused with pure sparkling spring water instead of purified water, it excellently soothes the skin and aids in eliminating impurities, while providing an immediate cool sensation upon application. It’s a low-irritant all-in-one moisturizer suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

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