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CEO name: Jaesang Barn

Phone name: 1034942840

Email: dahye.seok@banobagi.com

Webpage: https://www.banobagi.com


Company Information

Banobagi Medical Group is a medical group that covers all cosmetic related surgeries and treatments.


Product Information


Double Eyelid Surgery, Eyelid surgery for the Middle-aged, ptosis Correction, canthoplasty, transconjunctival fat repositioning, eyelid revision surgery
Functional rhinoplasty, Customized rhinoplasty, First rhinoplasty, Profile Contouring, Nose revision surgery


Facial Contouring, Anti-aging

Jaw Reduciton, Zygoma Reduction+Relocation, Genioplasty, Forehead Surgery, Face Contouring Revision Surgery
Lifting treatment(botox, ịnections), Laser Lift, Thread Lift, Upper-Mid-Lower Face Lift, Facelift, Semi-Permanent Filler Artecoll


Breast, Body Shaping

Breast Augmention, Breast Reduction, Sagging-Breast Lift, Nipple/Areola Correction, Axillary/Armpit Correction, Breast Revision Surgery
Dual Slim, Liposuction


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