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CEO name: Kim Jeong Hyun

Phone Number: +82 10 9605 7305

Email: jhkim@aribiohnb.com

Webpage: www.aribiohnb.com


Company Information

Established in 2019, ARIBIOHNB CO., LTD. specializes in the development of functional ingredients and the production of health functional foods as an expert OEM/ODM company. With a focus on research and development (R&D) capabilities centered around its laboratory, the company diligently plans research, conducts basic research, and verifies functionality to develop and produce new products and raw materials for health functional foods. ARIBIOHNB holds individual recognized raw materials and patents. With its professional research team, ARIBIOHNB focuses on discovering highly effective ingredients and developing new technologies/formulations based on its know-how. As a result, the company is growing as an enterprise that produces high-quality products and aims towards the global market.


Product Information

Chamjooneun Kanghwang 365 Premium

– The individually recognized raw material, Kanghwang extract, is a patented ingredient that may help improve muscle strength.

– Curcumin is nano-sized and liquefied with mineral water. By nano-sizing curcumin, which is difficult for the body to absorb, it is made easier for the body to absorb, and it is concentrated and liquefied for easy portable consumption.

– Produced in the factory of a GMP and HACCP certified company, the blister-type packaging container is visually appealing and convenient for consumption on the go, such as with portable water bottles.

– In the case of Kanghwang, its strong aroma and taste have made it unappealing to consume despite its health benefits. However, production through nano/liquefaction makes it odorless and tasteless, allowing everyone to consume it without reservation.

– In Southeast Asia, Kanghwang is highly regarded, and the preferred color is golden.

– Currently, there are similar products in Korea, but there are no Kanghwang liquid products with nano-sizing technology, making it a unique and superior product domestically.

– Currently, the product is sold in OEM/ODM format, and business activities are conducted through indirect exports.


Liver-friendly (Kanpyeohani)

-Daengdaeng-i namu yeolmae chulchulmul-eun teukheo injin-eul bad-eun won-yo-imyeo, bialkool-eosseong gan gigyeong gaengseong-e yu-uyimi han hyogwa-eul iljeunhaessgo, deo naaga chejibang gaeseon-e doum-eul judaneun hyogwung-eul chug-ro iljeunhan geobnalinjeong won-yo. Antosianin (C3G: Cyanidin-3-glucoside) seongbun pungbu-hago, ioeedo 7gaji boghab gineungseong-eulo gan geon-gang gaeseon-gwa jeongseongjeog-in myeong-yeong gineung-e doum

– GMP mich HACCP injeung-eul bad-eun gieob-ui gongchang-eseo saengsandoeeoss-eumyeo hyeongtaeneun al-yag.

– Daengdaeng-i namu yeolmae chulchulmul-i-aneun won-yo-neun daejungjeog-eulo neolli peojyeoissji anh-eunji, teukheo injin-eul tonghae gugnae-ui insig-i nop-ajigo issneun chese-imyeo gugnae pan-lo oee neun ajig pan-lo-ga hyeong-syeon doeeo iss-ji anh-eum.

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