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CEO name: 김래진

Email: amicellcos@daum.net

Webpage: http://www.amicell.co.kr


Company Information

AMICELL was established in 2011, is a globalized cosmetics manufacturer and marketer. With a strong reputation, both domestic and international, for quality, service and reliability, We are a global Korean cosmetics company who can provide buyers one-stop solution for OEM / ODM contract manufacturing and marketing. We have differentiated multifunctional cosmetics in best quality.


Product Information

Amicell Perfect Energy UV Sun Shield Family Use

Powerful UV protection effect and effective prevention skin damage from sun exposure with best skin affinity. There is no white cast and it is not stuffy at all but fresh and cool use. Safe and excellent UV protection by double UV protection.


Amicell Perfect Energy Collagen Powder 100

Very unique product in the beauty market. This is both a cosmetic and a hair product. Most of the women are concerned about the condition of skin and hair. This product is very attractive to both consumers and sellers because it can improve the user’s skin and hair as a single product and has the advantage of being able to sell in various distribution channels.


Amicell Perfect Energy Lift Ampoule Pack

This is a product that allows you to experience the functions and effects of both lifting ampoules and skin care packs as one product. This product tightens and pulls the skin as if the user receives a professional massage, giving a skin lifting, wrinkle improvement, and pore tightening and after ampoule is absorbed, it turns into skin care pack and gives full moisturizing and makes skin smooth.

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