AVO F&C Co., Ltd. has started a business for avocado oil in the premium edible oil market and concluded business agreements with Pulmuone-ECMD in 2015
Research and development is carried out jointly with Dr. Park So Young of the College of Pharmacy at Dankook University.
We are also carrying out government technology development projects jointly with Dankook University.
We filed two patents for Functional avocado oil having improved antioxidant effect and method for manufacturing the oil [10-2017-0120034] and Functional avocado oil including natural product-derived antioxidants and its composition [10-2018-0021996]
For the diversity of products, avocado oil was used to produce mayonnaise, sauce and AVO’S red ginseng seaweed. In recent years, D.H.A and the antioxidant-enhanced functional TOKTOK AVO’S-oil have been released.
We have been expanding our distribution channels and exporting to overseas by participating in domestic and international events and fairs such as the 2017 Korean Culture Festival, the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic sponsor, and the 2017 FHC Shanghai International Food Festival.
The certification department has been licensed by manufacturing, online marketing business, subdivision of food and distribution specialist companies and has established a company-affiliated research institute and a production plant to steadily work on product production and R & D