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Color by Nature, “ZUREO” ZUREO Cosmetics is a natural make-up brand. We are focusing on the natural colors to express individual charms and feminine beauty from the nature itself.


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  • ZUREO Glowing Vitamin BB Cushion / 15g
  • ZUREO Silky Touch Eye Shadow / 2g
  • ZUREO Cotton Talk Lipstick / 3.5g
  • ZUREO Uniun Promoter Repair 3STEP
  • ZUREO Active Perfect Fit Mascara
– Mineral water Jeju oxygen-water : Moist/ Radiant – 5 multi-vitamin complex : Healthy skin care vitamin – C,E,B3,B5,B6
– Sweat-proof : Long lasting TRIPLE EFFECT OF PRODUCT : Skin brightening / Anti-wrinkle / UV Protection(SPF50+/ PA+++)
1. Silky skudubg effect guves sift texture – No smudge but transparent and thin
2. Coating pigment for long lasting color expression -Double coated power maintains the same color over time
3. Shiny pearl makes bright and transparent eyes with vividness and glossiness -Shiny pearl pigment with great glossiness perfect for color layering
Daily lipstick with soft and complete coloration!
– Lipsticks with matte texture and bold impression. It contains macadamia oil, argantree kernel oil, and flaxseed extract.
– Breathable/comfortable fit and outstanding poshness anywhere.
– Absolute lip-makeup with true color expression by one single touch.
– Vivid lip-makeup by adhering the characteristics of the stylish colors on lips.
– Modern/matte lipsticks with elegant/classy impression and the intense coloration.
– Suitable fragrance for the popping color lipsticks.
SERUM, CREAM, MASK SHEET -> 3STEP UNIUN Promoter Repair Cell Serum /100ml – Dual function cosmetics with wrinkle improvement and whitening effects
– Contains MultiEx BSASM Plus (Patent number:NO.10-0812596)
– Contains 4GF (EGF, FGF, IGF, TGF) – Protect the skin from damage and improvement in resilience UNIUN Promoter Repair Cell Cream /100ml
– Dual function cosmetics with wrinkle improvement and whitening effects – Contains Natural Protector (Patent) no.10-091074
– Contains 4GF (EGF, FGF, IGF, TGF) – Acts as a skin screen and keep healthy moist skin ZUREO UNIUN VITA PLUS SOOTHING MASK Nourishing: Containing plenty of multivitamin and organic acid. You can experience bright and clear skin tone by supplying vitamins which is essential to your skin. Moisturizing: mproving smooth skin condition through moisturizing protection wall by building a complete moisturizing layer on the dry skin. Soothing: Soothing sensitive skin caused by outdoor environment.
– Wheels in the handle, providing ample volume and curling at the same time.
– Waterproof function and easily erased
1. To be comfortable and effective at any angle. Wheels on the handle provide ample volume and curling at the same time. Smart mascara!
2. It sticks closely to the eyelashes and lasts for a long time without any modification makeup. 3. It makes your eyes stand out by making your features stand out.
4. Natural brown color to create a soft image. All makeup in a modern black color that creates a clear image It’s possible.