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VK Frontier Co., Ltd. was established in April 2017 and operated a support center for Korean cosmetics companies’ entry into Vietnam in Hanoi, Vietnam for about two years from 2018, conducting in-depth research into the local cosmetics market and establishing an on-off distribution channel.
In November 2019, it was selected as a bio-health research company (No. 849) under the Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication, and succeeded in developing two types of natural-fermented anti-pollution cosmetics (serum and cream) using its patented technology in July 2020. Anpol Cosmetics has already succeeded in exporting its products overseas before its official launch, recording the first batch sold out. For your information, the company only supplies to high-end aesthetic shops in Gangnam, Seoul.
Currently, together with ANVY Group in Vietnam and Sejong University’s Food Genomics Research Institute, the company is developing and commercializing new functional bio-materials tailored to improve respiratory diseases and immunity” using traditional medicinal plants that have proven their efficacy in Korea and Vietnam.”