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TUPS, launched by 4OURSKIN INC, is a Korean aesthetic brand. Many skin care salons in Korea are using our products. Our products are especially recognized for the safety of raw materials, excellent effectiveness, and brand trust.


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  • TUPS Pro High-Performance M-GF Intensive KIT
  • TUPS Pro High-Performance A.B.L Pollution Refiner
  • TUPS Pro High-Performance B5 Complex Bio-cell Mask
  • TUPS Pro High Sensitive B5 Purifying Gel Cleanser
  • TUPS Pro High Sensitive B5 Exfoliating O’Peel

It’s been a specialized cosmetic for the skin care clinics in Korea
It is a set of 16 ampoules and a cream which contain 6 types of peptides and 10 types of low/medium/ high molecular hyaluronic acid.
You can promptly feel an amazing the improvements of quick-drying, texture and fine lines on skins, and also skin brightening after use. In addition, it provides even more effect when use it after the treatment with the skin care machines or tools at the skin care clinics or home.
It quickly improves skin trouble by in 3 stages of exfoliation, soothing and epidermis strengthening. A.H.A, B.H.A open pores to excrete wastes by exfoliation and Beta-glucan moisturize them to help lessen the secretion of sebum and then Lactobacillus sooth skin finally.
It has been verified as a cosmetic suitable for acne-prone skin by an authorized agency, and you can feel the soothing effect of acne in a very short time by dropping a drop on the acne-prone area as it is made by reflecting the main ingredients and management methods of skin trouble care products from professional skin care shops. This is the most repurchased acne spot ampoule in online stores.
It is differentiated from other products on the market in the aspect of production process and performance, and has been proven to improve skin redness and skin barrier in particular. It is a premium mask pack that contains 50,000 ppm of D-Panthenol (The B5 complex ingredient) on bio-cellulose fabric so that it lowers the skin temperature with extreme moisturizing power as used as a substitute for a modeling mask pack in the skin care.
Refreshing and moisturizing lather thoroughly removes impurities, without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. A mildly acidic, hypoallergenic cleanser containing natural surfactants extracted from coconut and apple. It is a hydrophilic raw material that is easily decomposed in water and leaves no residue after cleansing. Even if there is a residue, it does not irritate the skin, so it can be used with confidence (skin non-irritation test completed). B5 gel cleanser for all skin types including dry/oily/sensitive/problematic skin.
It is Gentle exfoliator with vitamin brightening effect. It contains natural orange peel powder, arranges the skin moisturized and radiant. Rolling gently, a mild foam is created. This foam is filled with natural ingredients specialized for skin soothing and skin cleansing to minimize physical irritation while helping to remove dead skin cells and wastes from the skin. It is for sensitive/sensitive/problematic skin.