Language: English
A compound word of TOY and FURNITURE, TOYTURE is a company specializing in planning and developing children’s products, which are familiar like toys, made of a father’s warm heart towards his daughter.
TOYTURE first thinks about whether the product is useful, whether the material and process are safe, and whether it can be supplied at a
reasonable price. TOYTURE empathizes with the difficulties we faced
when raising children and puts ultimate value on creating a happy environment for parents and children.

<Brand story>
Newborn babies who are amazed by everything in the world dream of a childcare culture full of love and happiness, not chaos from a new mom and dad who are also unfamiliar with everything.
We want to make the product for communication between parents and children beyond being simply a product, and also for the hope and ultimate communion beyond being just a touch and conversation, which has the language of love to help protect the bright smiles and dreams of your children.
A symbol and the most favorite item of a clean-freak cat KAMKKO is a microfiber towel on her head.
She has gotten to the point that she always put a towel on her head for cleanliness.
The world’s first absorption shampoo pillow brand ‘KAMKKO’, which will significantly improve the childcare environment, is aiming at providing
both children and parents in Korea and abroad a convenient and
comfortable childcare culture.