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Tier Corporation has released REGET to restore the skin damaged by external irritation and stress with a high content formula of active ingredients focused on efficacy. For efficacy, we have developed REGET products by adding a proper quantity of effective ingredients according to clinical data.


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  • REGET Artemisia 90 Calming Ampoule
  • REGET Artemisia 70 Calming Cream
  • REGET Breastfeeding Cream
  • REGET Bombshell Solid Perfume
* Effective ingredients – Artemisia capillaris extract 90%: Skin trouble and elasticity improvement, skin toxicity removal, skin soothing – ILLUMISCIN: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, irritation relief, skin whitening/skin brightness improvement up to 7.2% – LIFTONIN-XPRESS: Clinically proven to improve wrinkle by maximum 74% and to reduce wrinkle depth by 31% * Cica ampoule / Specialized in trouble, acne redness soothing / Containing skin whitening and wrinkle improvement patented ingredients / Sensitive skin and flushing skin improvement / High functional skin care. * A high-functional soothing ampoule that contains ILLUMISCIN with the effect of inhibiting melanin production and LIFTONIN-XPRESS with an immediate skin tightening effect is effective not only for skin soothing but also for whitening and wrinkle improvement.
* Effective ingredients – Artemisia capillaris extract 70%: Skin trouble and elasticity improvement, skin toxicity removal, skin soothing – MultiEX BSASM Plus: Clinically proven to alleviate dermatitis such as dry skin, inflammation, and scars – LIFTONIN-XPRESS: Clinically proven to improve wrinkle by maximum 74% and to reduce wrinkle depth by 31% * Cica cream/ Containing acne-clinical patented ingredient 30,000ppm/ Specialized in trouble, acne, redness, dermatitis, stimulation recovery /Wrinkle improvement effect 74% patented ingredient/Improvement in sensitive skin and flushing skin/High functional skin care. * The product is excellent in improving acne and skin diseases by containing MultiEX BSASM Plus, a natural soothing patented ingredient. It is a high-functional soothing cream that actually has an excellent skin soothing effect by containing 30,000 ppm of the patented ingredient, the same amount used in clinical data for improving acne and skin diseases.

* Effective ingredients – Lanolin: Skin soothing, skin protection/moisturizing, moisture supply, skin conditioning – Hydrogenated Lecithin: Healthy skin care, skin moisture maintenance, skin conditioning, skin glow *Patented Ingredients Lanolin, which has excellent effects on wound healing, nutrition, and moisturizing is processed through the Micro fluidizer method. After processing lanolin particles into nano units and processing them with the liposome method, they are wrapped in lecithin so that highly moisturizing and highly nutritious ingredients can penetrate into the dermis layer. Patented ingreident with improved spreadability, fragrance, and absorption rate of lanolin. * It is a breastfeeding cream made of 100% natural ingredients that have been tested for safety. It contains only ingredients used as food additives and EWG1 grade ingredients, so even it can even be used on the sensitive with confidence.
* Note reference Top: Tangerine, Grapefruit Middle: Peony, Muguet Base: Musk, Oakmoss * Tangerine, Grapefruit, Peony, Muget, Musk, Oak Moss/Fresh passion fruit and fresh muget plus alluring Musk add a fresh and sensual fragrance. * Where the rich citrus scents of grapefruit and tangerine have passed, a fresh and comfortable mood of peony and muget takes over, and after that, oakmoss of dark greenery and sensual musk remain calmly, filling the space with an enchanting scent with a sensual atmosphere. * Liquid perfumes are scattered and have a strong alcohol scent. However, Reget Bombshell Solid Perfume minimizes the content of alcohol that can irritate the skin and is a milky cream-type formula that can be easily applied to the desired area. * It has been tested for skin hypoallergenicity, so even the sensitive skin can use it with confidence.