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Salted fish, the world’s best fermented food! The three beats of air and temperature time, and the care and waiting in no hurry create a proper natural flavor.


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Items: Shrimp Fish Sauce

100% domestic shrimp sauce, carefully selected after 3 years of fermentation and aging process unique to The Jeotgal, is used as the main ingredient, and only 100% domestic sea salt is used as a secondary ingredient. This premium shrimp sauce is carefully selected through salinity control (biological), filtration (physical), and heating (chemical) processes during the sanitary HACCP process. It is a safe product produced in a clean manufacturing process so that it can be safely placed on our family table. Unlike other shrimp sauce, The Jeotgal’s shrimp sauce does not contain any MSG other than 100% domestic shrimp sauce and 100% domestic sea salt. Also, the biggest difference from other products is that it is not a thick product made by grinding salted shrimp and adding MSG. In this process, it gives a refreshing taste and is supplied as a basic base ingredient to many franchisees and chefs. And, it is manufactured using 100% domestic salted shrimp and 100% domestic sea salt.