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‘Super Naturals Co., Ltd.’ is an innovative functional beverage manufacturer. We are supplying functional beverages to various distribution channels in Korea and expanding international partnerships for the global market.


Phone Number: 02-1544-6903



  • Vitadrops
  • Milkmix
  • Sober friend
Vitadrops is an innovative disposable liquid water enhancer. Choose your favorite vitamins! healthy vitamin water ! – Energy Booster – Sport Booster – Collagen Booster – Aqua Booster
Milkmix is an innovative disposable liquid milk enhancer. Enjoy nutritious and delicious milk with Milkmix! – Banana Milkmix – Strawberry Milkmix
Sober Friend is the scientifically proven hangover reliever. For a refreshing morning after drinking ! Suggested for Who? – Those who have a frequent drinking occasion. – Those who want to relax and enjoy the drinks. – Those who suffer from hangover. – Those who are weak drinkers.