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“Goldmedal laver” puts customer health first. We aim for the highest quality. First, enterprises that prioritize customer health Second, the highest quality enterprise Third, it is a company that realizes the premise that price is the right price.


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***Goldmedal_Laver, who puts top priority on customer health, is special from raw materials… Using top-quality “Chosari” raw materials collected from the clean sea of South Korea. The laver is thin and soft. And contains an original flavor. * Special laver for growing children… This product contains natural Omega-3s & EPA. Omega-3s are not only good for children especially during their growth. It is also beneficial to the health of older middle-aged and older adults. * A child’s health snack with less salt… Low salt content make it possible to be used in various ways, such as children’s snacks and small gimbap * Goldmedal_laver for nutrition balance… Seaweed contains rich minerals, such as iodide. potassium and calcium, which may be difficult to be found in land plants. These minerals can provide nutrition for children during their growth period.