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‘We make a healthy life.’ SJ Life Sciences studies for the future of people around the world. Starting with beauty devices using near-infrared and far-infrared wavelengths, we manufacture a variety of health care products, including health functional foods and beauty soap.


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  • Beautyray health belt
  • e-eye sleep patch
It is a multi-purpose beauty device that uses near-infrared and far-infrared wavelengths that penetrate deep without damaging the skin to relieve pain, produce collagen, cell activity, blood circulation, and reduce body fat. It is convenient to use anytime, anywhere with an auxiliary battery. It’s practical because it’s easy to use on the shoulder, waist, knee, and sitting area with one device. Lightweight makes it easy to use for a long time.
It is a warm eye mask that helps blood circulation, eye swelling, and lens management using far and near infrared rays emitted from germanium. Germanium ceramic with a far-infrared emission of 93% helps eye health. It’s easy to use when you’re on the move or before going to bed.