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The company which cherishes the beauty, SHINE&SHINE. For heathy and beautiful skin, SHINE&SHINE combines ginsenoside contained in 6years old fermented red ginseng with natural herbal ingredients to make excellent fermented red ginseng herbal cosmetics for wrinkle improvement and whitening. OEM/ODM


Number phone: 070-4351-4472


Item: Shining Essence OL Mask Pack

Self-care mask pack that converts dry and rough skin into more elastic skin with various natural essential oils that are good for the skin. It quickly adheres to the skin with a soft pure cotton sheet and absorbs nutrients and moisture quickly, making it a moist skin that does not fly away all day. How to use: Calm your skin with toner after washing your face. Before opening, tap twice with both hands so that the essence spreads evenly. Spread the mask sheet evenly from the eye part of the face and stick it together.