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PSF aims to provide great pet food and treats by using Amino Acids Complex (ACOM-P) to alleviate meat intolerance.

PSF constantly strives to make healthy and safe products to help our pets to be free from all problems caused by excessive consumption of animal meat.

PSF acts proactive to protect the environment for us and for our pets by using ingredients that are extracted from seaweed instead of using animal meats to make lower greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and energy usage to reduce our carbon footprints to our planet.

PSF made the revolution of pet foods with Amino Acid Complex (ACOM-P) from seaweed that contains full of amino acids, rich nutrition, and great palatability. Our company is protecting the environment using Amino Acid Complex (ACOM-P) from seaweed instead of animal meat to reduce carbon footprints. At the same time, we are returning a part of what we got from society to society with donations. We are pursuing ESG management for our company, our society, and our environment.

ACOM-P, the world’s 1st seaweed-based Amino Acid Complex is delivering a variety of tasty meat alternatives not only for people who are caring about health, society & environment but also for our pets.

ACOM-P (Amino Acids complex) has an excellent nutritional balance such as high protein, low carbohydrate, and low fat, without any artificial compounds such as chemical additives, colors, flavors, and preservatives We dream to get our companions healthy, happy life with us in our planet.

PSF has launched the pet food brand ‘Footy’ with the excellence of our technology about meat alternatives and with great sincerity & experience from human food.