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Time System Co., Ltd. started the cosmetics business through the bio division in 2016, and its own brand, Pime Cosmetics, is a cosmetic brand created by applying bio technology based on natural ingredients obtained from nature. PIME cosmetics use only carefully selected materials that can improve skin improvement by applying biotechnology to natural ingredients while maintaining eco-friendly and safe characteristics.


Phone number: 1588-4330



  • Pime Feel up Ampoule Gold
  • Pime Remade Ampoule
  • Pime Remade Collagen Toner & Lotion
  • Pime Tone up Shower Cream
  • Pime Feel up Sinbi Serum
-Contains 8 kinds of peptides -Whitening, wrinkle improvement functional ampoule -Skin moisturizing and elasticity improvement -Contains pure gold-provides gold therapy -Hygienic with a syringe-type container
-Contains melittin extracted from bee venom -Skin elasticity, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory action -Trouble care -Whitening, wrinkle improvement functional ampoule
-Contains 93% of low molecular marine collagen (Toner) -Contains 86% of low molecular marine collagen (Lotion) -Helps to prepare soft skin texture with rich natural oil ingredients for the skin -Trehalose ingredient helps maintain high moisturizing power and moist skin
Contains tocopheryl acetate, a derivative of vitamin E, tocopherol, to provide skin protection and anti-aging effects. -Provides natural tone-up and moisturizing effect as soon as applied after shower -Provides a pleasant feeling as it is not sticky due to rapid absorption
-Contains natural herbal whitening ingredients -Whitening functional serum -Inhibition of melanin activity -Prevention of pigmentation such as spots and main muscles -Prevents skin oxidation by removing free radicals