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We are manufacturing sterilization which can kill germs, bacteria, virus, and fungus in the air with chlorine dioxide gas through our product Dr. Clo stick. Our factory is located in Gumsan, and sales office is in Daejeon city. We developed Dr. Clo in 2014 and have exported around 30 countries.


Phone number: 042-823-7820


Item: Dr. Clo Sterilization Deodorization

When the stick starts activation by bending the stick, Chlorine dioxide is coming out in the air to kill germs, bacteria, viruses and mold so that the function of deodorization is following by disinfecting the air. We have petent for controling the concentration of chlorine dioxide and always thinking the safety most important. We can say that Dr. Clo is safe and perfect product for customers to use in our daily life.