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Nano Healthcare started as a new corporation on July 1, 2021. Nano is one-billionth of a billionth of a size, but it has a mission to realize human health and beautiful beauty as a starting point in the healthcare industry.

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  • Illite SANSAM Soap
  • Illite Sup Shampoo Bar
  • Illite Maskpack
It is composed of safe ingredients called sodium palmate and sodium palmate, which can be used harmless to the human body from infants to adults, and it cleanses the skin with the adsorption function of heavy metals by Illite. It also has excellent bacteriological effects to remove viruses and bacteria, helps keep skin cells healthy by promoting antioxidant functions, and moisturizes the skin after washing with vegetable oil. It has the ability to protect active oxygen that causes skin aging through wild ginseng pear muscle extract to prevent oxidation damage to the skin, and also helps improve complexion and whitening by inhibiting melanin production.
It is a natural vegetable surfactant derived from coconut and is not irritating, so it is widely used for sensitive skin and infant skin, and unlike conventional solid-type shampoos, it creates a rich foam. The SUP shampoo bar has the advantage of not stealing moisture and excellent biodegradability, and the light absorbs heavy metals in the pores of the scalp to cleanse the scalp, preventing hair loss, and suppressing harmful bacteria such as Acne bacteria by blocking pores. The cypress oil contained has the effect of soothing the damaged scalp due to sunlight, and improves allergies and skin diseases. In addition, the hydroxy thairosol component in olive oil has the effect of preventing skin damage due to active oxygen. Ingredients It is made using green grade ingredients, the safest material grade of EWG (the leading non-profit environmental research organization in the United States), and is harmless to the human body.
Among the ingredients of the product, niacinamide is a whitening functional ingredient announced by the KFDA. This inhibits melanin movement, which is effective in whitening the skin, and it has a function of promoting collagen secretion by activating skin cells. Natural clay mineral Illite is added to adsorb sebum and waste matter in the pores to clear the skin, and hydrolized collagen is added to dry the skin to reduce flaking and restore elasticity to revitalize dry or damaged skin. It calms and recovers damaged skin due to strong sunlight due to the extraction of iron bream and bottle glue, and helps prevent skin aging, improve scars, and alleviate problems. In addition, the sheet used in the mask pack is a cellulose vegetable sheet that contains more than 200 times the dry weight and has excellent skin adhesion, reducing the amount of nutrients oxidized in the air and has excellent active ingredient delivery power.