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MoyangGim is Made with the cleanest laver from the West Coast of Korea. Tasty seasoned roasted laver made for over 30 years using only the best Korean traditional method. *Patent- 6 Time Registered Designs and 2 Time Patent *certification- HACCP, USFDA, KP, VTN


Phone number: 041-936-7048


Items: Roasted Seasoned Seaweed / Organic Barley Sprout Soy Sauce Laver / Daecheon Laver Soup

-Roasted Seasoned Seaweed is less salty and greasy compare to other brands, meeting the modern trend of healthy eating style. We are also distinguished by our special method using higher degree of heat: roasted at 400℃ where dther brands set heat at 300℃. -Healthy Korean food flavored with no salt and oil and only seasoned with seaweed, sprout barley, and soy sauce. Republic of Korea’s representative side dish, Organic Barley Sprout Soy Sauce Laver. -Daecheon Laver Soup that can be eaten easily by pouring only water anytime, anywhere