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We are now focusing on daily usable products that can be used in all the happy moments. We will provide products with safety and functionality, so customers can use with ease mind.


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Mother-K Life FOOT SHAMPOO 1. Signature scent, lasting delicately. Order Santal Spicy Herb ㅣ Powdery Floral / Woody Amber The scent that designed to imply the joy walk among dense forest with wet fog around, elegantly simplified the mysterious and soft scent of Sandalwood. 2. Cleansing effect Washes off various types of dead skin cell or body waste on foot, and helps to reduce foot odor. 3. Cooling effect Menthol ingredient applied to the product adds freshness to the tired and sensitive feet. 4. Multi-angle spray The spray with enhanced jet power offers the experience of having abundant amount of bubble forming even when spraying upside down.