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After being established as a bio/medical device specialized company in July 2021, it will enter the global market with package products for rhinitis treatment. Clean Workplace manufactures and supplies high-quality medical devices based on smart factory and medical device GMP and ISO 13485 systems.


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  • LasRhina
  • AtomemoRhina
LasRhina is a medical device used to treat rhinitis by irradiating a low-power laser of 650nm (energy density: less than 20J/cm^2 or 2W/cm^2) into the nasal cavity. In addition, it can be widely applied to pregnant women, children with limited drug treatment, and elderly or general patients who avoid surgery. It is a next-generation rhinitis treatment medical device consisting of an aesthetic design of the body and a light nasal probe with a stable nose mount function.
Mist is currently being released in the global market in the form of ‘drugs or quasi-drugs’. This product is a fermented mist made with natural ingredients that do not contain antihistamines, steroid hormones, or compounds. It is a nasal care product that can be used by patients of all ages, including pregnant women and children with restricted use of the above drugs. Unlike pharmaceuticals, it is a product that can be used anytime, anywhere when needed.