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MAYJUNE Life&Health was established in 2005. MAYJUNE is a specialty manufacturer and distributor of nutritional products ranging from nutritional, and herbal diet supplements to health and beauty aids in Korea and worldwide.


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  • Biotin Collagen C
  • Weight Loss Probiotics
  • Double Action Prebiotics Plus
  • Dr. Park’s Deer Velvet Energy Packet
1. Fish collagen (molecular weight <=300 Daltons) 1,200mg. 2. Functions upgrade: Biotin 30ug (100%), Vitamin C 100mg (100%). 3. Complex formula: Elastin, milk ceramide, glycine, vitamin A, nicotinic acid amide, dry yeast, probiotics mix, hyaluronic acid. 4. Chemical additives 0, trustworthy HACCP manufacturer. 5. Individual packaging with Easy-cut design, convenient take at anywhere anytime.
1. DUPONT DANISCO 17 Probiotics blend from USA. 2. Synbiotics formula: Probiotics (100million CFU) + Prebiotics 3. Weight loss functional ingredient: HCA (Garcinia Cambogia extract) 750mg, effectively reducing body fat. Vitamin C (from DSM, UK). 4. Particularly adding: FOS(Fructooligosaccharide), xylitol, amino acids blend, green tea extract, chicory root concentrate, white kidney bean extract, green apple extract, wild mango extract. 5. Convenient to carry(individual pack + easy-cut) & easy to take (lemon favor).
1. Updated version of the MAYJUNE best seller (Home-shopping & online mall) in the Korean market 2020. 2. Developed by Korea-renowned nutrition specialist Dr. Lee Seungnam. 3. Prebiotics + Probiotics, 2 in 1 formula. 4. Main ingredients: Fructooligosaccharide (Prebiotics: promote the growth of probiotics and bowel movements), Lactobacillus (Probiotics: inhibit harmful bacteria in intestine), Zinc (boosts immunity system), Vitamin D (help formating and maintaining bones). 5. High content: Fructooligosaccharide 3,000mg, activity probiotics 100 million CFU guarantee. Functional effects proved by SCI scientific report. 6. Patent probiotics from DUPONT DANISCO: 11 small intestines based Lactobacillus + 4 large intestines based Bifidobacterium. 7. Functional ingredients complex: 4 postbiotics (metabolic products secreted by probiotics), 9 amino acids, colostrum powder, wheat fiber, whey powder, chicory root extract, artichoke extract. 8. Take 1 pack a day easily. Yogurt flavor.
1. Joint developed by herbology specialist Dr. Park Kyungho. 2. The top-selling product of MAYJUNE L&H in the home-shopping channel over 9 years (Since 2013). 3. Deer Velvet extract(solid content 0.15%) 55% – 41.25mg in each pack. 4. Extracted from New Zealand Deer Velvet, which is certificated by DINZ. 5. 22 kinds of Korean traditional medical herb extract added. 6. No chemical addition, suitable for All family members.