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Marinecos is a marine bio-specialized cosmetics company that researches and develops cosmetics based on marine materials with deep ocean water as its main ingredient. Molecules in deep ocean water are most similar to body fluids, so they absorb skin care ingredients more efficiently.


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It is a new skin care system and program cosmetic based on the world’s oldest microalgae ‘Spirulina’ and ‘deep sea water’ similar to the human body’s mineral balance. – 1st week, skin problems are revealed and improved, and then sensitive skin is calmed. – 2nd week, replenish moisture to activate skin condition – 3rd week, the skin tone and texture are improved by slowly regenerating damaged skin cells. – 4th week, finish with skin elasticity and overall condition. It is a smart skin care product tailored to the skin regeneration cycle, and the ingredients contained in each week are different, and it is produced according to the skin cycle. As the corona virus is prolonged due to its characteristic and advantage that can be customized according to the condition of the skin, it is loved as a home care aesthetic product that can be managed at home without going to a dermatologist. It is more effective when used with Spina Daily Cicafiline Cream.

Spina Daily Cicafiline Cream is a new concept cream with the effect of a spa at the intersection of cold and warmth that awakens skin cells. Especially in winter, the use of a heater causes dryness, and the use of a mask makes the surface temperature of the face higher and moisture is scarce, so more people are looking for our products. As a result, we received an influx of calls requesting an increase in capacity, and we launched a high-capacity product. In addition, because it contains 5%, which is the proper content of borphyrin, it is also nicknamed as a botox cream for application, and has been loved as a firming cream for its elasticity. With spirulina and deep sea water, it is a high-moisture nourishing cream that gives vitality to dull and dull skin, helping to make healthy skin.
The dual container consists of both cleansing oil and cleansing foam, so it is convenient to not have to separate them and has great advantages in that even heavy makeup can be removed with one dual cleanser. It contains orange oil, so it can be used on sensitive skin without any trouble by calming the skin. While deep cleansing with cleansing oil, it cleans pores and suppresses sebum secretion, and provides moisture with a cleansing foam and massages to finish. It contains spirulina and deep sea water to keep the skin moist even after washing, so that the skin does not feel tight.
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It is a triple functional cosmetic for UV protection, whitening, and wrinkle improvement. It is a B.B. (Blemish Balm) cream type that creates a bright and shiny skin tone-up by naturally permeating the skin with the rich minerals of deep sea water. With ‘UV-B blocking factor (SPF) 50, UV-A blocking grade (PA)+++’, it has excellent UV protection. It is a product loved by many for regeneration and soothing BB after dermatological laser treatment.

It is a product that cools the eyes and the area around the eyes to help you sleep and rest by calming the red eyes and the area around the eyes. Mineral water, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin C ingredients relieve dark circles and make the skin around the eyes firm. It is a refreshing eye mask pack that gives a refreshing cooling effect to tired eyes without stickiness and protects skin elasticity. In addition, this product is a gel-type patch product full of nutrients, and the contents do not flow down and are designed to be used neatly. This product was developed by researching the optimal condition for minimizing skin irritation and maximizing adhesive strength. It can also be used as a golf patch by tearing it along the middle perforation.