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Magpia is always trying to be the best in the industry by developing new products, increasing quality by using non-hazardous materials and maintaing good relationship with the clients for the satisfaction, based on its successfully accumulated technical know-how.


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  • Rubber Magnet Schedule Board
  • Magnet Buttons – Colourful
  • Magnet Letters with Play Board Box
  • Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls Series – MOMO&COCO
It is made of rubber, so when the customers attach the product on the hard and clean surfaces, it will not slide down from the surface. The board-side is coated with high-quality film, so it will not leave any stains on it.
With various sizes and colours, the customers are able to stick up memos, papers and pictures on the steel-wall surface.
On the back of the puzzle unit, it is made of rubber magnet, so it is stickable to steel-paper or surface. By using letters, children will be able to create simple words or formula to help them improving and developing cognitive ability, creativity and language skills.
The product is made of safe PP and EVA Foam, so it is semi-permanent to use and water-resistant product. Children will be able to improve and develop their creativity by coordinating the figures’ clothes by themselves. Also, there is a prop at the bottom of the figures, so it is usable as decoration accessories.