Korea Beauty Industry Development Institute Co., Ltd. has grown through the development of the “6th convergence industry business,” which encompasses natural ingredient development, cosmetics manufacturing, beauty education and experience based on the clean resources of Jeju.
In the rapidly changing global beauty market, we directly operate a natural products research institute that develops and studies the natural ingredients of Jeju and a direct manufacturing plant with ISO 22716 certification. Through the one-stop system of beauty products ranging from raw material development to product production, we created the brand “JEJUON,” which presents the nature and beauty of clean Jeju and the brand “HAION,” which uses the raw marine materials of the blue sea of Jeju as the core material.
Korea Beauty Industry Development Institute Co., Ltd. strengthens the global competitiveness of the domestic beauty and cosmetics industry based on various projects that include government projects and our expertise in domestic and international beauty and cosmetics. In addition, we want to take a step closer to become the hub of the global beauty and cosmetics industry by utilizing local resources, activating the local economy, and continuing to network with domestic and international beauty and cosmetics institutions.