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Jongdal Lab is an O2O(Online2Offline) service platform company that distributes fashion accessories online.
We are focusing on revitalizing the fashion industry by distributing various fashion subsidiary materials online, and enabling the industry to further develop by making it DB
We provide a service to search and purchase subsidiary materials more easily and quickly using AI image search and recommendation technology as a mobile app service.

Jongdal Lab is a startup that challenges new industries. Acquired a venture business certification and is proceeding to transform the fashion industry into a digital industry by attracting investments from IBK and Lotte Accelerator.

Jongdal Lab has established subsidiary materials DB with more than 60 domestic partners and has supplied subsidiary materials to more than 1100 companies.
By establishing cooperative relationships with various fashion-related companies, we are supplying stable parts online through distribution, and we have also established a distribution network that allows small and medium-sized brand designers and companies to supply quickly and easily.

Due to recent COVID-19 issues, many companies are requesting reliable factory introduction and supply of parts for finished products, including MB filter fabrics and protective clothing fabrics, through the Jongdal Lab.

Jongdal Lab provides customers with Korean factories and stable supply lines.
In addition, we are linking the most stable and reliable factories and distribution networks in China, Vietnam, and Russia to global buyers who do not receive it in Korea due to export regulations or who want to supply large quantities.
Jongdal Lab is a korea startup company that can supply fashion accessories and COVID-19 related accessories in the most stable and reliable way in the world.