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Since the establishment of Jinsung General Environment in 1994, the company has been around for a long time until the present the know-how and technology accumulated over a period of time, sanitary management service business We provide insect repellent supply and rental management


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  • Full-auto roll insect trap
  • Semi-auto roll insect trap
  • Caterpillar for home, camping
POINT 1. World’s first voice notification function easy setting possible by recognizing when to replace consumables is convenient POINT 2. Roll type adhesive sheet – Use the sticky adhesive sheet by winding it as much as you want. possible. Adhesive sheet rotation button according to pest activity (use 2 to 6 months) POINT 3. Automatic injection of attractant and insecticide – Automatic injection of attractant and insecticide at regular intervals extermination by accurately inducing even pests in the blind spot POINT 4. Economical and high-efficiency UV lamp – By applying high- efficiency UV lamp Reduction of separate pest control costs such as electricity saving, pesticide, quarantine and disinfection POINT 5. Hygiene UP with super-strong adhesive – Super-strong sticky and trapping sticky water tank maximizes the collection power using POINT 6. Securing safety through thorough quality control – Electrical appliances.
The Eco-Catch semi-automatic roll insect repellent is a new concept insect repellent developed by, a company specializing in pest control and quarantine management, and is a new concept insect repellent designed based on data analysis and core technology of domestic researchers over two years. It attracts with UV light, and attracts incense (insecticide) is sprayed at regular intervals to catch it once more. You can manually wind the sticky roll using the switch. It is a smart insect repellent that can attract and capture even pests that are not exposed to the lure light.
Eco-Catch Home Insect Insect Machine reduces maintenance costs by 60% in any space, from catering establishments that require thorough hygiene management to medical facilities, childcare facilities, elderly homes, manufacturing industry sites, and homes. Attracts pests with LED lamps and traps lured pests with sticky sheets and trapping tanks.