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EMS training is well known in EU countries. Moreover, it is recognized as highly efficient training. ION International kept developing the EMS equipment that can be used anytime, anywhere, and anyone. And we have created “REAL EMS”, the best personal EMS device exported to EU countries.


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  • Real EMS – Champion Belt
  • Real EMS – Shoulder Massager
  • Real EMS – Knee PROtector
  • Real EMS – All In One Pads
– You can collaborate with exercises, the most perfect trainer!
– Decreases the percentage of body fats, abdominal fats, Improves the abdominal skin liftings – We shows the effectiveness of Abdomen + back exercise equipment through the result of clinical tests
– For those who possess wrong postures and stresses
– Gives deep stimulations of each layer of your shoulder muscles
– Gives you the relaxation to your inner muscles
– It is Knee protector in daily lives
– Once you connect with the controller, it turns to the Knee massager
– It possess the massage and muscular modes. Through KNEEPROtector, you are able to do Knee trainings!
– Smart EMS All-IN-One pad helps the muscles’ contraction and relaxations
– The microcurrents gives direct stimulations to the muscles
– Without using the dumb-bells, you are able to do arm and leg exercises!