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Humetron Co. specializes in developing innovative medical devices using its distinguished technology. The company is set to grow globally through continuous R&D and technological leaps. It will also make a positive contribution to society by supplying highly specialized medical devices for public


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  • Humetron Snoring
  • Humetron Sticker
It is a medical device that helps relieve snoring, relieve nasal congestion, relieve sleep apnea, and increase breathing volume. Easy to use and easy to store. It can be used semi-permanently by washing it under running water after use and storing it after drying.
This is a thermometer that is attached to the body parts (back of the hand, wrist, under the ears, etc.). Normal body temperature (37 ℃) turns purple, and high fever (37.5 ℃ or higher) turns red. The sticker is soft by using PE fabric, not PVC. It uses a medical adhesive suitable for medical devices and has excellent adhesiveness. It will be kept for 3-5 days.