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HAEYEAREUM is a manufacturer that has been producing premium Sea Salt for 13 years since its establishment in 2009. The five-year-old Sea Salt is being manufactured in Docho Island Salt Field, a UNESCO biological conservation area located in Shinan County, Jeollanam-do.


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  • Premium Sea Salt ‘Lo’ Stick pouch
  • Premium Sea Salt ‘Lo’ Grinder
  • Premium Sea Salt Flavor Salt ‘Lo’ Miniature
  • Premium Mineral Sea salt ‘Lo’
  • Sprinkle Sprinkle Cheese, Sprinkle Sprinkle Seafood
Truffle, oyster, sea cucumber, shrimp, anchovies, berdasaemyul, citrus, bokbunja, black garlic, Lo.5 10 species 1box, 75g(5g*15ea) The 2021 HAEYEAREUM New Premium Mineral Sea Salt ‘Lo’ Stick Pouch, which aims to improve the difficulty of preserving taste and aroma due to the nature of salt. In order to maintain the taste and aroma of the product with the highest quality for a long time, we have developed the ‘5g stick pouch’ product, which is an individual vacuum-packed stick form, by adopting the first nitrogen storage method in Korea. The preservation and aroma of nutrients to the raw materials are significantly better through the parcel, as well as the quality preservation performance is excellent. The 5g stick pouch, which is a product that keeps the rich taste and aroma intact, is light and convenient to open one package a day, making it easy to store and distribute, allowing you to enjoy fresh and rich flavors anytime, anywhere.
Oysters, sea cucumber, octopus, black garlic, truffle, blueberry, raspberry, citrus, red ginseng, strawberry, 11 types 1ea, 60g (Various Flavor offerings and configurations. I’ll explain it to you as a premium Sea Salt ‘ro’ truffle grinder, which is a popular product.) The premium mineral Sea Salt ‘ro’ grinder is a glass bottle and stainless steel grinder that can be changed to the desired size whenever needed. It grinds gently and grinds just before eating, so you can enjoy the product fresh. Premium Flavor Salt ‘Lo’ offers a choice of salt with the best taste, color and aroma. Including the signature menu Truffle, you can purchase colorful and delicious products such as black garlic, blueberries, bokbunja, citrus, red ginseng, and strawberries. In addition, flavor of various products, including oysters, octopus, sea cucumbers, shrimp, anchovies, and salt using marine products such as verdasaemyul, can be purchased according to your taste and purpose.
Truffle, oyster, sea cucumber, shrimp, anchovy, verdasaemyul, citrus, abdominal molecules, black garlic, Lo.5 10 types 1ea, 20g The “My Salt” Premium Mineral Sea Salt ‘Lo’ Miniature is a miniature-sized one-handed Sea Salt. It’s easy to carry, so you can put it in your pocket, bag, everywhere, before, after exercise, and eat out. It’s a premium flavor product with 100% of each creature added to the premium Sea Salt ‘Lo’. It is a healthy salt that can taste and smell rich only with pure sea salt and raw materials with colorless, chemical-free, and defenseless ingredients. It’s a cute size and it’s good as a gift like a wedding gift.
HAEYEAREUM’s 5-year-old premium Sea salt ‘Lo’ is a company that produces luxury Seasalt with abundant sunlight and constant wind in Docho Clean Sea, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, a UNESCO-designated biological conservation area. Minerals are five times higher than regular sea salt, and salinity is 75 percent low-salt, providing a safe-to-eat sea salt with plenty of minerals and low-sodium. It is a product made without the traditional Sea salt manufacturing method for large quantities, providing quality Sea salt for consumers to use in cooking. The first year of Sea salt’s creation is bitter because the water content of the guard is high and the magnesium content is too high. In three years, the moisture content decreases to about half as much as 7-8% and the taste improves. And by five years, the water content will be reduced to around five percent, making the texture of the salt as smooth as baked salt, and at the same time, the mineral balance will be the best.
1box, 50g(10g*5ea) Shrimps, anchovies, cheese, etc with the Premium Sea Salt Flavor Salt ‘Lo’ and the addition of natural ingredients colorless, chemical-free, non-solvent, we developed healthy and nutritious Furikake products. It does not use any chemicals, so it is a product that can be eaten with confidence from children to men and women of all ages. Seafood, cheese, eggs, bok choy, etc with a good mix of nutrients it helps improve unbalanced eating habits. It is a product that is helpful for adults who have difficulty in encountering seafood often because it is based on seafood that may be lacking. It’s not just nutritious, but it tastes good to children who are picky about food, Especially recommend this product. It’s a package of one bag at a time you can just rip it off easy to store and distribute. It’s highly useful because you don’t have to cook it separately and just put it on right away.