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EIR COSMETIC 1. has the ‘SPA EIR’ which is NO.1 premium spa brand for 22 years in Korea 2. is a subsidiary of the University’s technology holding company established with investment from Korea’s prestigious Ewha Womans University 3. is a research institute certified by Ministry of Science and ICT


Phone Number: 02-1833-8168



  • EIR Moisture Cream
  • EIR Moisture Toner
  • EIR Capsule Serum
  • EIR Daily Sun Care
  • EIR Mild Cleansing Foam
EIR Moisture Cream is a multi-function cream that provides inner moisturizing and whitening deep into the skin at the same time. It offers spreadability which allows it to adhere gently to the skin. As a product for aesthetic specialists, it goes beyond instant moisturizing to help restore and maintain the balance of sebum in the skin, helping skin regain its vitality.
EIR Moisture Toner is a soothing toner that replenishes sebum and normalizes sebum secretion. This toner contains a white flower complex with three types of white flowers that brighten the skin from the inside. It uses seven toxin-free natural plant extracts to care for the skin without irritation.
EIR Capsule Serum is a triple-function highly enriched serum, for moisturizing, whitening, and even elasticity. It is made in capsule form to penetrate even to the dermal layer and fully replenish sebum. We use our patented geranium erianthum extract technology for whitening.
EIR Daily Sun Care is a moisturizing, refreshing sun care product that uses a serum base to stop glossiness while replenishing moisture. This is a multi-functional product that provides whitening, blocking of UV rays, and improvements to wrinkles at the same time. It uses glutathione, which is famous for its whitening components, to brighten the skin.
EIR Mild Cleansing Foam is a light acidic cleansing foam with a pH of 6.5, which is pure and easy to use. It uses coconut-derived surface-active agents that originate from nature and have gentle yet powerful cleaning power. Deep cleansing is possible while maintaining purity by removing unnecessary sebum using ultra-fine nanobubbles.