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  • Bénisse Baby bottom care cleanser
  • Mayblanc Perfect tone up sunshield
  • SOAPSOM PLUS Shampoo Bar FOR DRY HAIR (100g)
  • SOAPSOM PLUS Morning washing Bar (100g)
A subacid bottom cleanser for babies It is the bottom cleanser for babies having the weak and fragile bottom wearing the diaper all day. It is easily washed off and just remains a clean soft feeling. Ecocert certificated surfactants, organic certificated Orga 7 Complex and the Edelweiss originated ingredients which from pure Alps protect the weak baby’s skin. 300ml/ Gel type Pump Container
A mild sunscreen that makes the skin naturally bright without eye sting It sticks very thinly on your skin and leaves a soft and velvety feeling. Perfect when you feel lazy but wanna be pretty No Sebum texture keeping the skin soft Soothing the irritated and sensitive skin Protect the skin from the UV rays (SPF 50 +/ Strong against the water and sweat Refreshing with the sweet peach fragrance SPF 50+/ PA ++++ (62g)

Shampoo bar that contains ‘Gardenia extract’ and ‘Shea butter’ to help dry scalp and hair
A morning soap that the creamy bubble cleans the dirt on the skin clearly and just leaves a moist and mild feeling without any dryness. Start your morning with a lovely peach fragrance.