[Glass nail shiner]

-. Made of independent semiconductor process technique possession, the self nail care product which is able to function as both contouring and glossing.

-. It has been successfully passed the RoHS 6 toxic substances examination, as well as undetected in toxic substances.

-. It is safe, long lasting, affordable and easy to use, superior to other nail file products in the market.

-. Not only has strength regarding beauty, but also includes health care feature.

-. Among Nail Care products, our product, which doesn’t have any chemical substances, belongs to the Blue Ocean product.

[Glass Callus Remover]

-. High quality Glass material with Semi-conductor photo etching printing

-. A Regular Micro size Pattern of Glass Callus Remover exfoliates only callus and dead skin cell without any skin irritation.

-. Comfortable shape to grasp helps effective silky result with less effort

-. Without concern of getting a cut to sharpen edges

-. Washable and possible to disinfect with alcohol

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